About us

Behind the Name

Everglim encapsulates the essence of preserving the innate splendor of flowers in a form that defies time. This traditional art form, passed on and refined across generations, has now become a symbol of elegance and eternity. Unlike traditional preserved flowers, our cutting-edge technique allows flowers to retain their much of their natural characteristics to an extraordinary degree.



At the heart of our mission is the belief that the beautiful experience of gifting flower should last more than ephemeral moments. We strive to bring the long-lasting joy to every corner of the world, transforming brief gestures into enduring symbols of affection. With our flowers, your expressions of love and care will linger in the hearts of your loved ones for years, transcending the bounds of time.

Embracing the vibrant heart of Vancouver, our commitment also extends beyond mere business to nurturing deep-rooted connections with our local community through collaboration with local talents. Our approach celebrates community spirit, blending local talent with our passion for quality.


Environmental Commitment

Unlike standard preservation methods that may use harmful substances like phenol and formaldehyde, we prioritize your safety and environmental responsibility. Using advanced preservation techniques, we exclude harmful chemicals, ensuring our flowers are 100% natural and safe from start to finish. This is our commitment to you and our planet.

In addition, our distinct collection of vases are not only aesthetically versatile, but are also created from eco-friendly materials like rice husks.

When you choose our products, you are not just acquiring a remarkable item; you're actively participating in making our planet a greener, more sustainable home for all.